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Lumi Collection

Lumi Exclusives

The Lumi Collection achieves an incredible average of 8.5 stars, significantly above average. Delivering savings in heating and cooling costs of 74% compared to an apartment that meets the minimum requirements. As you would expect this translates to significantly reduced running costs for residents, a smaller environmental footprint, as well as more comfortable temperatures all year round. - Andrew Pickard
Mechanical Engineer, Energy Rating Consultant AJP Engineering


Average of above 8.5 stars

Intelligent Use of Space

Smart design and thoughtful planning are at the heart of the Lumi Collection making it the centre of architectural influence in Gungahlin

Large Outdoor Spaces

Lumi has a collection of communal gardens, courtyards and balconies. Balconies are located to acknowledge privacy and maximise winter sun and views. The balconies are deeply recessed for summer shade.

Ceiling Heights

The ceiling heights are 2700mm in most spaces throughout the Lumi Collection. Wet areas and bulkheads have a ceiling height of 2400mm.

Flexible Floor Plans

Several Lumi plan types have inbuilt flexibility of use with the inclusion of a multi purpose room that can function as a bedroom, study or additional living space.


The Lobby

Naturally, the lobby area at Lumi is the pinnacle of carefully considered and planned design with natural light filling the space and a generous outlook to welcome you home. The common areas off the lifts are spacious and planned to maximise natural light beaming through. The architect has anticipated your everyday outlook carefully with space, size and light throughout the building not just behind your door. This is but one point of difference that is the Lumi Collection.

Generous Floor Areas

There is a range of floor plan styles and sizes available in the Lumi Collection. Most of the designs are larger than the market norm. This allows for clear circulation, adequate storage and comfortable habitation.

Queen sized beds are easily accommodated within the floor plans.


Natural cross-ventilation, favourable solar orientation and natural lighting are all features inherent in buildings that are designed for the wellbeing of their inhabitants. At Lumi, this notion is taken further through the introduction of mechanical heat recovery units. These units deliver a constant flow of fresh, conditioned air and in conjunction with thermally broken building elements minimise the risks of condensation and allergens like mould. These measures also preserve the integrity of the building. The Lumi Collection has been designed to achieve optimal health and comfort for their residents. - Andrew Pickard
Mechanical Engineer, Energy Rating Consultant AJP Engineering

Heat Recovery Unit Ventilation System

Energy efficient, modern design and regulations generally require interior spaces to be air tight, consequently resulting in poorly ventilated environments and poor air quality. Better air quality can have a positive effect on respiratory health and help control overall pollutant levels within the indoor space.

Opening a window will provide direct ventilation, however, the heat and humidity will be lost in the winter months and gained in the summer months. HRU ventilation systems are an effective way of controlling the possibility of condensation, occurring mainly in winter, when moisture from the air comes in contact with a cooler surface. Positive pressure ventilation acts to expel damp moisture from the home. The HRU & Thermally Broken Double Glazed Windows will ensure creating a healthier, atmosphere to live in.

Lumi Collection Pocket Park

Lumi Collection pocket park architectural drawing

The pocket park has been thoughtfully designed to give you more space to enjoy the outdoors at home. The park will be sensitively planted with vibrant, flowering native plants
and shrubs.

The commercial ground floor space opens out onto the pocket park and is proposed to be a cafe or restaurants and will have sheltered northfacing outdoor dining spaces. A fully accessible path around and through the pocket park provides for a diverse multi-generational recreation space for the amenity and enjoyment of all Gungahlin residents and residents of the Lumi apartments.

Download the Pocket Park Plan